Reasons as to Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Dog

Following are some of the reasons as to why it is a great time to be a dog as per various events and products held and launched basically for dogs.

Art Exhibitions:- 

This year summer’s art opening was not about innovative artistic items for people but was opened for dogs. A British insurance company named More Than launched contemporary artwork by an artist named Dominic Wilcox that was intended to promote the play between pets and owners. This art exhibition was carried out at a gallery in UK. Some of the rather famous art exhibits in this exhibition included following.

  • Cruising canines in an open car window simulation
  • Dinnertime featuring a ten feet long dog bowl filled with playing balls to look like food
  • Watery Wonder that exhibits an installed fountain in a dog bowl streaming out water

Art Exhibitions


This time Starbucks has no introduced another colored drink on its secret menu because this time it’s a Puppuccino. This is a special treat for dog made of mostly whipped cream served in an espresso cup. The news of this drink went viral when a Washington Animal Shelter took their canines out for a special treat and gave them a taste of this Puppuccino.


Dog Wine:- 

Normally everyone likes to kick back and enjoy a nice glass of wine with their best friend. However what will you do if that best friend is a dog? No worries as you c also pour one glass of wine for your pet dog too. A special type of wine is made just fro dogs by Colorado based Apollo Peak. The wine is a sweet drink made from extracts of various natural herbs and organic beets. Two popular wines are named as CharDOGnay and Zinfantail.

Dog Wine

Luxurious Dog Beds:- 

Ever wonder why dogs spend more time in your bed? It is because it is more comfortable than just sleeping on an ordinary dog bed on a floor. Now you can replace that flimsy looking ordinary dog bed with Casper’s special dog beds. These beds are designed after focusing the sleep of the canine and making it more comfortable. This new luxurious dog bed has all the features of real mattress but in dog size. To top it all off, these beds come with 100 days money back warranty.

Luxurious Dog Beds

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