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Artists challenge themselves by redrawing their old crappy pictures; Practice makes perfect is not just a motto

You may find it easy to compare your art work with those of great artists and feel miserable and pity or yourself. However if you are a budding artist then you need to understand this fact at no one is born perfect and a genius. Everybody has to take a start from somewhere.

For our aspiring artists today we present to you a series of before and after pictures of artist and their work improvements over the years. “Practice Makes Perfect” is not just a motto but a hard proven fact by millions across the planet.

Some of the participant in these posts even did doodles which they have now transformed into magnificent pictures. Scroll down to look for yourself what practice can do for an ambitious human.

He broke his neck and got paralyzed back in 2010. This is his first photo after joining the rehab with help from his recreational therapist and now this is a portrait 7 years later. He has improved don’t you think!


Man did a drawing of his puppy when a kid and now 11 years later this is the same dog and the same artist


Doodling to being an artist in 6 years

6 years old artist

Eye ‘popping’ improvement in 2 years

Eye popping

1 year improvement

after 1 year

Then and now

cartoon artist

Literal breaking bad improvement

Literal breaking

Artist drew Sybille Trelawney from harry potter, and now has done it again. Pushed himself with the details, improvement visible at single glance

Sybille Trelawney

Artist found this childhood painting of the mad baller speedboat; decided to pay homage by making it better this time

mad baller speedboat

Drawing improvement 2013 – 2017

Drawing improvement

A little evolution through the time

little evolution

Progress unexplainable in words


Criticism and advice always welcomes success

then and now

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