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Rémi Lascault; artist draws comics for people with Dark Sense of humor

32 years old has been drawing comics since he was a kid. Mostly his comics were recreation of other artists. Recently one year ago, he started drawing comic strips of four frames that had no words. Is drawing style is not that much extraordinary instead is only mediocre so it does not take much time for drawing them.

However the amazing thing about his comics is that he would take something amazing and turn it into something funny with his dark sense of humor.  Following are some of his comic strips designed especially for people with dark sense of humor. They are not safe to watch so watch at your own discretion.

Archeologists are in for a pretty amazing shit


Attack of the Sawshark


The actual Morning Wood

Morning Wood

Should have fed the dog


Most relations these days…


Thou shalt not cry wolf!

cry wolf

Narwhal just horsing around


Courtesy cowboys


Cars these days making duck face for the traffic camera

traffic camera

I kept telling you to give it up, but you wouldn’t listen

house smoking

That’s just hilarious!!!


Sometimes love is like a mosquito. It sucks.


Following instructions a tad too literally


Starting off on the wrong foot

wrong foot

Mourning wood

Mourning wood

Genuine Sea Soccer balls

Soccer balls

Developing a split personality these days

split personality

Trying to fix things these days be like this


Zit’s a pimple; Satisfying

Zit's a pimple

Toilet has seen some shit; and lots of it too




True Gentleman; Etiquette is style

True Gentleman

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