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Robert De Jesus; the illustrator turns people and their pets into cartoon characters

Robert De Jesus is an artist who has recently made a name for himself by offering his unique service which is quite similar to the work of the street artists who caricatures people on the spot. However he is very much different from these artists because to get sketches from him, you don’t have to leave your house and he does not do caricatures. What he really does is reference photos.

Robert De Jesus is a self-taught American illustrator, animator, and writer who makes exceptionally good cartoon-like sketches of people based on the pictures given. Robert De Jesus is not unfamiliar to the anime and manga community as he has worked in that industry as well. Working there has allowed him to solidify his artistic experience in illustrations and characters designs in a rather peculiar style.

Robert De Jesus told media that, “this idea hit me when I was at one convention. The convention badges people were wearing looked like driver licenses and that’s when it hit me. I thought wouldn’t it be a good idea if we could make mock licenses and draw the owner as a Chibi character in the spot where there is normally photo. I designed the badges and laminated them. They were a huge success at the next convention”.

These ‘anime-treatments’ is a side thing of the artist to fund his other projects about which he is passionate. However, he still does this work of custom portrait on eBay store.

I addition to this work, the artist has also created illustrations, comics and character designs for many well-known publishers like the Antarctic press, Marvel and PlayStation Magazine.

We have collected a bunch of his more renowned sketches down below so you can also decide if you want to have a sketch of yourself or not.


Robert De Jesus pic 1


Robert De Jesus pic 2


Robert De Jesus pic 3


Robert De Jesus pic 4


Robert De Jesus pic 5


Robert De Jesus pic 6


Robert De Jesus pic 7


Robert De Jesus pic 8


Robert De Jesus pic 9


Robert De Jesus pic 10


Robert De Jesus pic 11


Robert De Jesus pic 12


Robert De Jesus pic 13


Robert De Jesus pic 14


Robert De Jesus pic 15


Robert De Jesus pic 16


Robert De Jesus pic 17


Robert De Jesus pic 18


Robert De Jesus pic 19


Robert De Jesus pic 20

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