Roger Stone, former Trump advisor banned by judge from posting on social media

Roger Stone, the former advisor and the confidante of US President Donald Trump might not be going to jail after all, after he violated his gag order. Still, on Tuesday this week, a judge gave him a punishment that might be far worse than prison for him.

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The judge laid down the verdict in which he forbade Roger Stone from posting on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Back in February, Stone was placed under a gag order by the US District Judge named Amy Berman Jackson. This gag order barred Stone from speaking about both his own legal ongoing case details as well as the investigation carried out by special counsel into the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. This gag order was placed on Stone shortly after the time when he started going on a special speaking tour of our networks such as Fox News and CNN after being indicted by the Special Counsel.

However, it was not even a week that Stone posted a picture of Judge Jackson over Instagram where she had crosshairs near her head. Jackson earlier had prohibited Stone from making any post on social media other than using the platform for asking his followers to show support for his legal defense fund as well as towards his self proclaimed innocence. However, with this latest picture incident, which has since been removed by Stone, he is now prohibited entirely from posting any kind of content on social media platforms.

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Stone has been in trouble for a long time due to his social media posts that have been deemed as vile, filled with homophobic slurs as well as strong racist language.

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Back in October of 2017, Twitter banned him from their platform after he called the CNN renowned personalities named Don Lemon and Ana Navarro as “covksucker[s]” and “dumbfuck[s].” after getting kicked off from twitter, Stone has moved his bizarre posts filled with his portraits and links for his merchandises over the Facebook platform. He is still to be banned from Facebook.

After this current verdict, if Stone once again posts anything over social media, he will be deemed to in contempt of court and could most likely face serious jail time.

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