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Russia’s new health initiative, 30 sit ups equal free metro pass

According to a worldwide survey; more the technological advancements have led to comfort of life, more it has caused an over growing concern for health problems. We humans have adapted ourselves to a life of comfort. If we need to go from one place to another we rely on fast moving transport solutions. If we want to communicate we rely on the advanced communication channels. If we want to eat in less time without the effort to cook we turn our attention to the fast food chains.

Especially this trend of fast food available on the go foods has caused much of a disaster for our health. Fast food chains like McDonalds, KFC and etc have relaxed us to just get out there and get our food in under a minute. We tend to have forgotten as to how we cherished the preparation of food in old times. We also tend to ignore the fact that these fast food items are actually just for filling up our appetites and not providing us with all the healthy food benefits that our body requires so much. As a result it has given rise to one of most diabolical health problem for humans; Obesity.

Yes the obesity; according to some is the “The Mother of All Diseases”, is the cause of mainly any health related complication. Be it diabetes, heart diseases, or any other health problems, it is in the end all connected to obesity.

Mother of All Diseases

There is nothing one can do then simply change their lifestyle and their eating habits to tackle this problem. However one of the world’s governments has taken a splendid health initiative to keep its citizens active and healthy. We are talking about the health initiative from Russian Government. They have introduced a reward system where you do 30 sit ups in front of a machine counter to receive your free metro pass.

Watch the video down below of this amazing health initiative by a country’s government.

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