Samsung invests in ‘Ledger’ a crypto wallet maker a sum of $2.9 million

According to the French media at the end of last month, Samsung has invested a sum of nearly 2.9 million dollars in a cryptocurrency company named “Ledger”.

Ledger is renowned for its hardware products which included mainly a hardware wallet product known to buy the name of “Ledger Nano S”.

According to media, with this recent investment from Samsung, the valuation of Ledger is now currently held at a sum of 260 million Euros or 290 million dollars.

The news came after news related to Samsung and Cryptocurrency that Samsung is working on its very own network based on Blockchain as well as on a potential cryptocurrency token named ‘Samsung Coin”. Earlier Samsung ash also introduced its very own Cryptocurrency wallet on their flagship product of 2019, the “Samsung galaxy S10”.

As for further details between Samsung and Ledger, there is currently no more information available.

Eric Larchevêque, the CEO of the Ledger announced in a tweet that while hardware wallets are a necessity, in the coming times the central role for the crypto revolution will be played by Smartphone.

Ledger’s latest product:-

As for Ledger’s latest hardware product, it is “Ledger Nano X” which is a Bluetooth enabled hardware wallet. The wallet was announced by the company back in January and is the improved version of the company’s previous and popular hardware product named “Nano S”. Nano X will come with not only wireless connectivity but will also feature a large screen, improved speed and support for far more crypto-based assets.

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