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Satisfying Before And After Cleaning Pictures

Cleaning is hard work, so we need all the help we can get. But maybe it would be way easier to go motivate yourself if you thought that it’s not a chore but the most satisfying experience in the universe? We have collected some before-and-after examples of wiping the dirt away, and they will make you take out the mop ASAP.

From professional high pressure cleaning machines to refurbishing old paintings, the people featured in this list certainly know how to handle a swab. Scroll down to check out the images

New York Used To Be A Much Dirtier City Back When The Northeast Ran On Coal Plants

2 Stages Of Hoarder House

It’s Not Painted Green, That’s Just Years Of Gunk

These sexy knobs

Algae – Algone

Church in Detroit was built 134 years ago and everyone thought it had black stones

Artist instead of using paints Cleared off only dirt to make art

No need for shopping.

Submarine in floating dock – before/after hull cleaning

You actually can walk there now!

A perfectionist’s nightmare

Marischal College in Aberdeen, Everyone thought that’s just how it was built…

A sword from the Spanish-American War; owner only removed the Patina

Absolutely beautiful makeup sponge

Garden Bench power washed after 16 years


Super Nintendo finally cleaned

I never would have guessed that this track was red underneath.

The pool that was once left abandoned for a long time

This rock wall

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