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Schoolkids From A Vietnamese Village Have To Be Ferried Across The River In Plastic Bags In Order To Go To School

While most of us had the privilege to get quality education by simply getting on our local school bus to get there on our own bicycles, some kids have really tough on them.

One such example is the school kids from a village named Huoi Ha located remote into the Vietnam province; Dien Bien. These kids are aware that in order to leave behind a life of poverty, they need quality education and in order to get the said education, they are willing to go to extremes. Even if this means that they have to be ferried accords the river in a plastic bag.

 school kids from a village

The rafts made from flimsy bamboos are not enough to take these kids to another bank of the river especially after the rains cause the river to be flooded. This is when the village takes the help of their strong swimmers who are to swim taking across nearly 50 of the school kids against the deadly water torrents.

Peoples on boat

Students Cross flooded river


According to the local media, these kids are afraid but still very determined as they wait for their turns anxiously. Crossing the river in such a manner is really a scary thing because one wrong move and the kids can end up being washed away in the strong water currents.

Student Packed into a shopping Bag

The head of the village, a man named Mr. Vo A Giong said, “this stream is really hard to cross. Our relatives used to take their children by raft but now they cannot do it. We really hope that the state will invest some money to build a suspension bridge over this stream so people can travel more conveniently.”

Student Looks Afraid

The principle of the Na Sang Secondary School and Boarding school named Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy said that something is needed to be done about this situation readily. She said, “The floods have divided the village from the school. There are nearly 50 students of the Huoi Ha village. The teachers and the parents of these students have done all they can to mobilize these kids to reach the school to take classes to the best of their abilities.”

Strong Swimmer cross student from river

“We hope that in the coming years, the state will pay more attention to make modern bridges here so that the children can reach the school safely.”

 children can reach the school safely

Crossing the river in such a difficult condition is the first ordeal for these children’s education. After that, they have to walk for about 15 kilometers through a slippery rain forest which takes them about 5 hours.

Crossing the river in such a difficult condition

Seeing the dedication and determination these kids place towards their education is really the very admirable thing. The students, the teachers and most of all these students deserve real praise for all the hard work they put in for their education.

Seeing the dedication and determination these kids place

After the release of the original article, Nguyen Van, the Minister of Transport in Vietnam issued the following statement,

“After receiving the press agencies’ feedback on the situation of students still in the village Huoi Ha having to carry plastic bags to cross Nam Chim flood stream to school due to lack of investment in transport infrastructure, the Ministry of Transport has instructed Vietnam Road Administration to coordinate with local authorities at all levels to check and consider this issue.”

Girls going toward school

For our readers, we place below the video of the situation through which these kids have to go through in order to reach their school.

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