Scientists Give High-Definition Close-Up Of The Surface Of The Sun

Sun is very important to all kinds of life on the Planet Earth as it provides warmth to every living creature on the planet as well as is an important part of the whole process for making oxygen and is one of the free sources of getting Vitamin D.

If you think the sun was cool before then brace yourself, it is going to get much cooler. Lately, a group of scientists has posted few images as well as videos of the Sun which are considered to be the most high-definition and high-resolution pictures and videos of the Sun even taken in the history of human beings. Seeing these pictures of the sun pops the image of Caramel Popcorn in the mind.

This is the picture of the Sun in close-up when taken through the Inouye solar Telescope.

The NSO (The National Solar Observatory) published a handful of the Sun’s close-up photos and videos which were taken by the use of the National Science Foundation’s Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope. These pictures are making the headlines for being the most high-res imagery to give detailed info about the only Star of our Solar system.

The Inouye Solar Telescope used for taking these images and videos is the 4-meter tall solar telescope that is located on the top of the Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii. This is the world’s largest telescope to date with the sole purpose of it to be used in the study of the Sun. the picture presorted above is said to bring the world of astronomy to a whole another level regarding Solar Science.

The recently released images are considered to be the current highest resolution footage related to Sun.

One bubble of the plasma on the Sun’s surface is equivalent roughly to the size of Texas.

As for the Sun, its entire size is about 864400 miles which amount to 109 times the size of the Earth’s diameter.

The footage is also released by NSO of the Plasma Bubbling located on the Sun’s surface.

Watch the 3 clips that were made available by NSO to the public in the video below.

The Inouye Solar Telescope is able to create images in astounding details. It is able to cover the region of about 38000 kilometers wide on the Sun and is also able to bring a close up of nearly 30 kilometers of the area. Considering the fact that Sun is located approximately 149,599,999 kilometers far away from Earth, this is an astounding scientific feat.

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