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Sean Edward Hartman – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Being the celebrity of a son is a huge burden especially if both of your parents happen to be great actors. Such celebrity kids, even if they do not have a showbiz life of their own, can expect to be under the media radar all the time. The celebrity we are presenting today seems to be suffering from the same dilemma. He does not own a celebrity status because of his own career achievements, instead because of his parents.

The celebrity we are presenting today is Sean Edward Hartman. He is the son of the Canadian actress Brynn Omdahl and his father is the late Phil Hartman. His mother was a minor film actress in Canada but as for his father; he was the main reason that we are talking about Sean Edward Hartman. Phil Hartman is a legendary Canadian born American actor who has made a name for himself due to his character acting roles. He was a well known graphic designer, scriptwriter, and comedic actor mostly known for his eccentric sense of humor as well as undertaking obnoxious characters.

He has been involved with an LA-based improv group The Groundlings in his career’s start. Later, he led to the creation of the iconic character Pee-Wee Herman. Then in 1986, Phil became the regular cast member for Saturday Night Live that boosted his career and fame. He has also been a member of the Simpson’s voice character cast as well as sold his first script for a film before death. Before his death, Phil Hartman was regarded as the busiest character actor all over the USA. For his services to the entertainment industry and epically to Hollywood, he has been made part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Now the main reason that Sean Edward Hartman is under media limelight is the controversial death of his father; actually his murder by Sean Edward Hartman’s own mother Brynn Omdahl.

Real Name:- 

Sean Edward Hartman


Sean, Eddy


Actor, graphic Designer, voice artist, and a writer




Date of Birth:-

17th June 1988

Birth Place:-

Vancouver, British Columbia

Zodiac Sign:-




Physical Stats:-

There is nothing to say about the physical appearance of Sean Edward Hartman. He is an average looking male with predominant Canadian genes. He is blessed with green eyes and black hairs with a receding hairline. His physique is if not normal, okay for a person of his age. He is known for his jolly character and meets everyone with a smile on his face.

Personal life:-

Information regarding the personal life of Sean Edward Hartman is as follows.

  • Sean Edward Hartman is a young man that was born to celebrity parents like Phil Hartman and Brynn Omdahl. It seems that arts were in his genes as he took up music to be his passion and later voice acting as well. Born in Vancouver, he attended a local high school, and during that time, he was part of the band name Metamorphic Mexico.
  • later in life, following the death of his parents, Sean Edward Hartman had a troubled life for which he sought solace in works like graphic designing as well as voice acting; much like his father.
  • His father Phil Hartman was one of the busiest character artists in the USA with the status of induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his achievements. As for his mother, she was also an aspiring model and an actress from Canada.
  • Brynn was not the first wife of Phil Hartman, instead was his 3rd His two previous wives were Gretchen Lewis and Lisa Strain, whom he married in 1970 and 1982 respectively.
  • As for Brynn and Phil, both of them met each other back in 1986 on a blind date and immediately hit it off. Their relationship turned to marriage in 1987. From then on things went downhill fast.
  • Brynn was suffering from severe drug addiction triggered by her chronic depression. During that time she gave birth to Sean Edward Hartman and his sister Birgen.
  • Brynn was losing her career’s golden years while Phil was at the peak of it which made her even more frustrated. She was fearful of divorce and tried to turn her life back up but failed.
  • It was on the night of May 27th, 1998 that things took a bloody end. Returning from a party of a friend, Phil engaged in an intense argument with Brynn on their way back. He threatened to leave her if she could not control her addiction.
  • After arriving at home, at around 3 AM, Brynn used both cocaine and alcohol in high amounts and entered her husband’s bedroom. Under the strong drug influence, she shot Phil three times that led to his immediate death. Following her brutal actions, she called their friends and then the police. The police came to find her locked in her bedroom’s bathroom and then heard her putting the .38 caliber pistol in her mouth and pulling the trigger thus committing suicide.


  • At the time of his death, Phil Hartman was already entering into script wiring having his first script sold.
  • Back in 2014, for his service to the entertainment industry, Phil Hartman was awarded a TV Star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame located at the address of 6600 Hollywood Boulevard.
  • In 2012, he was also inducted into Canada’s own Walk of Fame.
  • Sean Edward Hartman is an American citizen, a status he got due to his father’s dual nationality. Phil Hartman received his citizenship for America in 1990.

Net worth:-

Sean Edward Hartman is a successful voice artist slash graphic designer. Although not much is known about his work, he still enjoys a little bit of wealth he got from his father’s estate.

At the time of death, Phil Hartman had a net worth of 3 million dollars that was equally divided in his only two children; one being Sean Edward Hartman. It is safe to assume that Sean Edward Hartman has a net worth of about 1.2 million dollars at least.

Family Tree:-

Information regarding the family of Sean Edward Hartman is as follows.

Father Name:-

His father’s name is Phil Hartman; a multi-talented actor, writer, voice artist, and graphic designer in Canada and Hollywood.

Mother Name:-

His mother’s name was Brynn Omdahl who used to be a budding model and an actress in Hollywood back in the 1980s.


He has only one sibling and that is his younger sister named Birgen Anika Hartman.


He has no children at the time.

Relationships & Affairs:-

There is not much known about the love life of Sean Edward Hartman and he also has not been seen with anyone in the public. We assume he is single at the moment.

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