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Security Camera Records Thieves Failing In Such A Bad Manner That It Seems To Be A Comedy Movie Of ’90s

Around the holiday seasons, the incident related to thievery starts rising to a great extent than throughout the year. But not all of these thieves are great at panning their ill deeds and one such group of dumb thieves has been recorded by a security camera.

The video of the thieves shows them stealing somebody’s widescreen TV from inside a commercial property and the video has gone viral. The thing is that these thieves only tried to steal the TV but never got successful in doing it, instead they hurt themselves in that process. Somebody even has called them to be characters from a comedy movie of the 90s.

A security specialist named Andrew Tierney who is working in London and is known by his nickname Cybergibbons has offered many flaws in the security measures put up by the owner of the commercial property.

Somebody seeing the video decided to put in the background hilarious music of a comedy routine to make it even funnier than it was before.

The video was posted on the Reddit and internet users from across the globe starting ridicule the thieves for their dumbness as they caused a lot of damage to their own self in stealing stuff. Some even gave pointers to these thieves on how to draw less attention while thieving. Seeing the video, it is quite a high possibility that there might be fingerprints all over the place.


Cybergibbons says, “You can see for clear that this was a commercial property and ha a tempered glass that tends to break into minute pieces upon impact. They can be broken easily with an automatic center punch but every time they will be broken into tiny epics.


He says, “There are more ways of making your windows safer like doing retrofitting on the window films which come in varying strengths and thicknesses. They can slow an attacker for almost 10 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute. This can be enough time for someone to inform the emergency services to respond.”


He continues, “The next step to secure the windows is to install a laminated reinforced glass for the window which will now give you a few minutes and many people to stop the act of thievery from happening. Plastics are also a great option as they are harder to break or you can also use security bars or screens. The commercial properties normally have an enlarged glass frontage which is not that durable but cost a lot.


He also points out the fact that the thieves will never be caught because fingerprints will never be obtained due to the lack of resources on part of the police.


He says that people often prefer electronic locks rather than mechanical ones but the harsh truth is that these electronic locks are not much safer. Most of them in the market are of bad working quality.


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