Simple Guide to unlock Facebook Messenger’s hidden ‘Dark Mode’

Good news for all the Facebook Messenger users as there is now an easy method to use Facebook at late night, all the while saving some battery. For this, you are all going to need to learn how to unlock their hidden feature.

Facebook’s Dark mode:

In the last couple of days, Facebook has been giving out a secret new feature for its Messenger that will give the app the white-text-on-black-background look. This color scheme from Facebook is going to make it easier for users to read messages late in the evening.

How to unlock the hidden Dark Mode:-

As for unlocking this hidden Dark Mode, Facebook has come up with some really unconventional but fun way. In order to use the Dark Mode option from the settings of the app; the user must send another user a message with a Crescent Moon Emoji”. This is the emoji ?.

After a user has sent this emoji, then lots of moons will start falling from top to bottom of the app in an animation. This animation will be followed by a query if the user wants to enable the dark mode or not in settings.

After a person chooses to enable the Dark Mode, a new message will be shown in the settings.

This method was not working for a few days earlier but it is now working on not only Android but on iPhone as well. You can see the method to do it down below in the video.

Dark Mode also gives some warnings like some sections of the interface might get odd looking. However, until now everything seems to be quite normal.

Another main advantage of Dark Mode is that it will save a considerable amount of phone battery. To complement this dark mode, there have already been Dark Themes on mobiles these days.

For Android users, a new system-wide dark theme is soon coming to the app store. As for the iOS 11 and 12 users they can already enjoy some dark mode features by default.

To achieve this partial Dark Mode on iOS, follow these steps.

  • Choose ‘settings’
  • Choose ‘General’
  • Choose ‘Display Accommodations’
  • Chose ‘Invert Colors’

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