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Snapchat Fails of People Having a Worse Day than You

Mankind has been failing at stuff for as long as our species has existed. But unlike our primitive forefathers, who had to suffer the embarrassment of keeping their failures to themselves, we’re lucky enough to live in an age where we can share our screw-ups with the entire world with the touch of a button. Check out these hilarious Snapchat fails compiled by us.

Photobombed by Seagull

Grandma scolding a Pelican

Two wrongs don’t make a right

We have all been there…

This is just wrong!

Laundry day gone wrong


Time for takeout

I’m sure the pup would gladly eat that up!

Fifa is more important

Roomba is not for houses with pets

The worst day ever…

Always wondered why it took so long for my other half to get ready…

You had one job

Gordon Ramsay would not be pleased

Man’s best friend?

Not your everyday traffic jam

Well he tried

Sports Are Hard

Kids Will Be Kids

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Written by Suddl

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