Spam calls and how to block them in iOS13

The public beta for the iOS 13 is out and users are enjoying very amazing features such as the dark mode and better editing of their photos but there are also tons of other features that still remain to unexplored.

Spam calls in IOS

However, in its recent update, one feature that supersedes all of them is the one that can be missed quite easily. This feature is the ability to automatically block all the spam calls with one of the iOS 13s new feature named “Silence Unknown Callers”.

Features in IOS 13

Well, this feature is not an official one in the iOS 13 public beta as it will only be available after the iOS 13 launches officially sometime later this fall. Still, users can use this feature in the public beta. For this feature, we have come up with a guide on how to block spam calls, which is down below.

Steps to blocking Spam call in iOS 13:-

Steps to blocking Spam call in iOS 13

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app
  • Got to ‘Phone’
  • Scroll down the section until you reach the ‘call silencing and blocked contacts’
  • In this subsection, you will see the option ‘Silence Unknown Callers’, turn this on

Call Settings in IOS

With the settings enabled, the unknown calls incoming from unknown users will be automatically transferred to the voicemail. With this feature, users will now not have to listen to robocalls, telemarketers other such annoying numbers.

A cool feature:-

A cool feature

The thing that makes this feature actually a lot cooler is that it is not just for the screening of the blocked numbers. According to people at Apple, this feature uses the ‘Siri Intelligence’ in order to detect the numbers of users in their mobile’s Mail or Message app in addition to their saved contacts list. With this feature, the user will hardly ever miss any call from a person that they have communicated within the past even if they had not previously saved their number.

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