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Special Photos That Can Show Us Something New About the World

Thousands of new photos appear on the internet, daily. For example, calculations in 2017 showed that Instagram users posted up to 46,000 photos per minute. These photos consisted of simple and average images as well as rare and unusual ones which were captured with the help of a little good luck. We compiled the latter in this article.

We have collected various photos where funny things, lucky coincidences and simply amazing things have been captured. All of these photos have one thing in common: instead of describing them, it’s better to see them for yourself.

A view of a Mandarin Duck from top angle

An X-ray of a python who swallowed a slipper and needed surgery for removal

Competitors of rabbits

Evidence that cats are liquid

Discipline level: 100

Glass is not full, portrait mode only blur the empty part

2 headed Albino California Royal Snake

Winchester Brothers and Scooby Doo team were called for solving a mystery

Most amazing coffee house on wheels

I always wondered how astronauts scratch their nose in their helmets

Castaway in Brown Penguin Paradise

Blossoming of Coffee Flower

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