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Spend A Night, In A See-Through Jungle Bubble For Mere For $585 Surrounded By Rescued Elephants

The country of Thailand is known to be a vacation paradise with its stunning wildlife that roams in its breathtaking nature as well as its tropical weather. Recently, in order to bring these outdoorsy loving vacation lovers closer to nature, a resort has opened up in the country that allows its inhabitants to live in the bubbles. This Bubble resort is located in the northern area of Thailand and is named The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort. The best part of this whole resort is that it offers its guests a chance to live in the uniquely developed transparent bubble rooms that give the betaking view of the area which is populated with rescued elephants.


These uniquely developed see-through bubble suites are named Jungle Bubbles. These Jungle Bubbles are made from the see-through polyester fiber through hi-tech. these Jungle Bubbles then allow the guests to see the surrounding without any kind of visual restrictions.


Each of these Jungle Bubbles has an area of 236 square-foot which has in it a king-sized comforting bed. The suite also features a spacious bathroom with a seating area which is non-transparent.


The inhabiting guests of these Jungle Rooms are not permitted to leave their rooms even for dinner. Their food is brought to them by the employees to offer the uninterrupted sightseeing of these rescued elephants.


As per The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, these elephants are not roaming in the area by any mere coincidence.


Nearly 60 of the elephants roaming in the vicinity of this resort are the ones that have been rescued off of the streets of the country and are placed here to live comfortably.


This resort offers a single Jungle Bubble for a price of 585 dollars per night for two persons.


Not only the basic amenities are given but also a delectable dinner basket, 24-hour in-room service, tea & coffee making items as well as a fully stocked mini-bar is also provided.

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