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Step-by-Step Guide on Making a Minecraft Lead in Minecraft

Minecraft lead

Minecraft lead is kind of something like a leash that a player can use to control creatures like mobs passively. These creatures can be things like sheep, dogs, cats, and some other things. The Minecraft lead can be used to trail these creatures behind a player or another use of the Minecraft lead is to tie these following creatures to something like a fencepost.

Required Materials

The materials that are required for making a Minecraft lead include are as follows.

  • 1 slimeball
  • 4 strings

Finding a string in Minecraft is quite an easy thing for even a new player. Still, to obtain a lead, one has to engage in small combat. To make things easier for our readers, we have laid down quite a few ways to obtain these strings.

In Mines:

If a player finds themselves near a mine that is abandoned, they can find quite a few of these strings inside it. Mines are generally places that are filled with lots of cobwebs inside them. These cobwebs can then be harvested. For harvesting these cobwebs, a player needs to strike them with their sword.

Slaying Spiders:

The next method of obtaining strings is quite an easy one and is also the most common one out there. For using this method, a player needs to wait until it is dawn in the game time. Near dawn, a creature of Minecraft with red glowing eyes will start wandering all around the world. Kill these wandering red-eye creatures and they will then drop strings as loot items. For new players, we advise you to attack these creatures with a sword.


For building a Minecraft lead, a player also needs to have a slimeball. Near the Swampland Biodomes, one can find lots of Fallen Slimes simply bouncing about. Defeat these bouncing slimes and they will drop the slimeball as a loot item. A player can get lots of slimeballs from their single battle.

Making a Lead in Minecraft

For making your Minecraft lead, a player needs to place their 4 strings and 1 slimeball in the crafting grid in an order of 3*3. First place 2 strings in the first row’s first 2 boxes and then a string and a slimeball in the row directly below the first one. For completely making a lead, the player needs to place one of the strings in the last row’s last box and then move the resultant lead into their inventory.

Step-by-Step Pictorial Guide:

For our readers and new players out there, we have laid down a step-by-step pictorial guide for making a Minecraft lead. Follow this guide to successfully make a lead in Minecraft.

Step I: Open the Crafting Menu

First of all, a player needs to open their crafting table to view the crafting grid of 3*3 order. This crafting grid should be identical to the one in the picture below.

Step II: Adding the Strings

Within the crafting menu, one can see the crafting area that has the crafting grid of 3*3 orders. For making the lead, one needs to place 4 strings and 1 slimeball in this crafting grid. Place 2 strings from the left of the crafting grid with one in each box leaving the third box empty. Place a single string in the first box of the 2nd row of the crafting grid. Finally, place one string in the final third box of the last row.

Step III: Placing a Slimeball

Now place the single slimeball in the middlebox of the 2nd row of the crafting grid.

Step IV: Drag down the resulting 2 leads into the inventory

This will automatically make these strings and slimeball into a Minecraft lead. Drag this lead into your inventory box and use it on passive mobs.

List of Mobs/animals you can use Lead on

Lead is quite useful for any player if they are trying to get mobs or other creatures into certain places. Leads can be used on the following animals.

  • cats
  • dogs
  • cows
  • bees
  • chickens
  • donkeys
  • horses
  • hogan
  • foxes
  • dolphins
  • llama
  • mules
  • ocelots
  • pigs
  • mushrooms
  • iron golems
  • striders
  • squids
  • wolves
  • snow golems
  • polar bears
  • rabbits
  • sheep
  • zoglins

Once any of these animals is tied to a lead, the player can then lead them onto to connect them to a fencepost.


Some of the answers that players often ask about Minecraft lead are as follows.

Q. Can a player use lead on a villager?

No, a lead cannot be used on a villager. So, also the villager cannot be dragged to a new location. Still, to answer the question, one can use a mine boat or a minecart to accomplish this certain task.

Q. How can a player use a lead on the horse?

A horse can be leashed by tying the lead’s one end to it by clicking the right mouse button on the horse whilst the lead is equipped by the player. After this, one end of the player’s lead can be seen bound onto the neck of the horse while the other is in the player’s hand. Whilst the lead is in the player’s hand, they can then guide the horse’s movements and force it to walk in any direction the player likes.

Similarly, for untying the lad from a horse, the player needs to right-click on their horse to connect it to a fencepost. With one of the lead’s ends is in the player’s hand and the other onto the neck of the horse, position the mouse’s pointer onto one of the fences and right-click on the pointed fence.


Congrats, you are now able to successfully craft a Minecraft lead. This lead will be useful for players to leash up different types of mobs and animals that a player likes to take to certain places. This is best in the case for creatures that can be tamed as they do not only follow players.

Written by Suddl

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