Steps on watching the YouTube on the Peloton treadmill or bike

The new rage in the fitness world and the social media world is the bikes and treadmills from Peloton. These bikes and treadmills from the brand come with their custom made software that lets users do following things.

  • Stream Live
  • On-demand classes
  • View the workout history
  • Browsing through the local community to add new friends
  • Even do a Video Chat with other users

However, there are still time when the users doesn’t need an instructor screaming at them from the screen for motivation but still need to be entertained for your workout session.

Sadly, Peloton has prohibited its users from modifying these treadmills and bikes from downloading apps such as Netflix or Hulu. Some users have used a simple approach of opening the mode name “Just Ride” and watch their favorite shows either on a TV or tablet placed over the screen of their treadmill or bike.

But what these simpleton of users did not know that there is actually a way to stream some of the content which is non-Peloton on the monitor of their equipment. Hidden well side their equipment’s device settings is the mobile browser which users can gain access to use various websites like the Plex or even YouTube.

Warning of using the Mobile Browser for non-Peloton Content:-

Still, there is an issue with using this mobile browser on your Peloton exercising equipment, if a user is willing to attempt this workaround method, they will void any warranty offered by Peloton. This means that if the website crashes your equipment’s screen, you cannot ask for a claim from Peloton.

The warranty does not mean that user is prohibited from doing this, but it does mean that Peloton is suggesting that if a user runs any other streaming content on their equipment, they are using the software and equipment of Peloton improperly.

How to find the Mobile Browser on your Peloton equipment:-

For those of you who are the risk-takers and do not worry about crashing your warranty; follow these steps on finding the mobile browser.

  • Near the time on the screen, there is a Settings button. Click it and a drop-down menu will open up. This drop-down menu lets users adjusts things such as brightness of screen, Wi-Fi, information of account and much more. The last item listed on this drop-down menu is titled as “Device Settings”.

  • Click on Device Settings and select the option saying “About Tablet”.
  • Now select the option “Legal Information”
  • Select the option “System WebView Licenses”
  • User will see long list of many licenses that will have links saying “Homepage” and ‘Show License”. Tap the blue links for any option that has the title “Homepage”.

After the user makes this selection, the Android mobile web browser will open up. This browser can then be sued just like any other regular browser for a tablet. This browser will give the user access to websites like Facebook, Instagram, Plex, YouTube or whatever they like.

Some limitations do exist such as the video players that are not supported on the browser of Android. In this Settings mode, the user will now not be able to see the metrics for their treadmill or bike. They must only feel the resistance and the speed.

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