Stop doing everything and update your Google Chrome

Lately, Google has been urging its Google Chrome user to update their Chrome browser as soon as possible. This urgent update message is being carried out as a right way to patch the problem of zero-day venerability that is actively exploiting the security of web browser.

In a  tweet posted on Tuesday earlier this week by Justin Schuh; the Google Chrome Security and Desktop Engineering Lead, he said that users should right away stop doing anything on the Chrome browser and should install the latest update version of the browser; 72.0.3626.121”

He wrote, “Seriously, stop doing every thing and update your Chrome installs, like this minute right now.”

Google has already started rolling down the patch for its Chrome browser on Friday for following operating systems.

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Reasons for this urgent Update Message:

This week, the urgency from Google to its Chrome user about installing the update is the high and severe flaw of “CVE-2019-5786”. This flaw allows cyber criminals to attack any Chrome web browser.

The web giant Google said in a statement, “Google is currently aware of the flaw of the exploits in the CVE-2019-5786 and also that it is being widely used.”

The bug was first reported by many of Google’s Threat Analysis Group back on February 27th. At this point the details of as to how much does this flaw makes their browser vulnerable are limited. As Google has stated that they are restricting the aces to the bug until a majority of their users have installed the update.

According to tech gurus, this vulnerability in the browser is basically a Memory management error in Google Chrome’s FileReader. This File Reader is actually a web API which is the part of all major web browsers. This API lets these browsers read the web apps as well as the content of the files stored on a person’s computer. According to the tech gurus, the bug may be a way for the cybercriminals to enter malicious code into a person’s device on which they are using the Chrome browser.

For the users, our advice is to manually trigger this update to ensure that your web browser is on the latest version for secured internet usage.

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