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Stunning “Ghost Plane” Display Performance From 800 Drones At Chinese Air Show

All of us can agree on one thing that airplanes are one of the man’s best and finest creations. Ever since the man started to realized his own existence and learn about the wonders of the Planet Earth, he has been fascinated with one thing and that was the hope to join the flying birds up in the skies. Now fast forward a few centuries in the evolution of man and his way of living, nearly all humans have the resource of having that glorious dream. As the words of Louis CK presents it best, “Did you fly through the air, incredibly, like a bird, did you partake in the miracle of human flight with you contributing zero? […] You are sitting in a chair—IN THE SKY.”

In order to celebrate this glorious achievement of mankind, the Chinese Air Show presented a wondrous display.

Nearly 800 of the multicolored drones took flight from ground and into the night skies to create a stunning performance of “Ghost Plane” along with shapes of many other aircraft.


The audience present at the 2019’s Nanchang Flight Convention was able to witness the mesmerizing performance for the “Ghost Plane” from the talented Air show workers.  800 of the drones took off from the ground and into the night sky to light it up in shapes of the airplanes and helicopters. People were left gaped mouth seeing this amazing performance and especially the “Ghost Plane”.


This spectacular performance via drones was coordinated in hopes to celebrate the achievements of Chinese aeronautical engineers as they showcased the variety of aircraft available nowadays in this stunning drone performance. These drone performers conjured up the shapes of all kinds of aircraft ranging from airliners to army helicopters and from the propeller-driven airplanes to fighter jets.

The performance of “Ghost Plane” was a part of 2019’s Nanchang Flight Convention that was carried out for celebrating the aeronautical achievements of China.


The most spectacular of all the performance was the “Ghost Plane” as the night sky got illuminated with the blue light along with a red light in a rhythmic manner pulsating on the front to the back of the light show for giving it an added effect.



Each of the drones was coordinated wirelessly to form these spectacular displays of aircraft in the night sky.


You can see the performance of the air show down below.

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