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Taylor Misiak – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

The interesting world of TV is quite ands interesting field for any artist of the performing arts. One can get attached to their audience in real-time and have an honest review of their work on a regular basis. The celebrity we are going to be telling you about is also from the same TV field. The name of this actress celebrity is Taylor Misiak who started her career working in theatrical arts and then moved onto some really amazing TV shows. With each passing day, her fame in the TV industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

Taylor Misiak is better known for her work in a well-know American TV drama series titled “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as well as About a Boy, and American Vandal. Today, we will be telling you all about the life of this 27 years old actress including her career, net worth, family details, and her love life. If you like to know more about Taylor Misiak, we urge you to keep on reading this article.

Real Name:- 

Taylor Misiak







Date of Birth:-


Birth Place:-

San Francisco, California, USA

Zodiac Sign:-




Personal life:-

  • Taylor Misiak was born back in 1992 in San Francisco to parents Dave Misiak and Trina Misiak. Taylor Misiak showed interest in acting at a very tender age as she would later perform in her school’s many theater performances.
  • Due to her amazing acting talents in her school theaters, she was named by the school as Minnesota Scholar of Distinction in Theater Arts.
  • After completing her high school diploma, Taylor Misiak started pursuing her acting career. This career of her led to her living in cities like Minnesota, California, San Jose and Apple Valley before she finally settled in Los Angeles. In order to pursue her career of acting and to pay her bills, she started working as a waitress at local restaurants and bars.
  • Later she also enrolled at the Ithaca College located in New York to get her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Other than that, for honing her skills and keep up with modern practices of acting; she attended the improvisation courses and many such foundations. She also happens to be the member of Screen Actors Guild Union (SAG-AFTRA).
  • Taylor Misiak stayed her professional acting career by performing for various festivals in their theatrical productions.
  • In the meanwhile she would grasp at any opportunity that would put her face in front of a camera like supporting roles, and short films. She was often called in for TV show roles by Netflix, Verizon, The CW, and NBA.
  • One of the early crowning achievements of her acting career was to be the co-lead in the 49th most expensive music video to be ever made. This video was for the song by Lil Dicky titled “Pillow Taking”.
  • Following that she was also casted as a regular cast member for the 2019 reality TV comedy show “Dave” in 2019. Her role in their series was of Ally Warner; the girlfriend of Dave aka Lil Dicky. The show premiered its first episode back on 4th March 2020.
  • Also, in 2019, Taylor Misiak launched her own podcast on Apple Podcast alongside a TV writer named Alyssa Littman. The name for their podcast is “Table Flipping with Alyssa & Taylor”.
  • Other than the series Dave, Taylor Misiak has been part of some of the well-known TV series such as Social media Misfits, Laura, About a Boy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, American vandal, and I Feel Bad.
  • As for her time on film screen she has done 3 short films titled Eye Contact with Strangers, Pause, and The Playground. The other two regular films are Heavily Mediated, and Five Hours.


  • Taylor Misiak was born back on 17th February 1992.
  • Her parent’s names are Trina Misiak and Dave Misiak.
  • Her star sign is Aquarius.
  • She has only one sibling a brother named Darren Misiak.
  • At her high school, she performed in many school theater shows and was heavily appraised for her talents.
  • She moved to many different cities all over USA for pursuing her acting career. During those tough times, she used to work as a waitress at many local bars and restaurants.
  • She has made a co-lead performance in one of the most expensive videos ever made. The video was for Lil Dicky’s music video Pillow Talking in which John C. Reilly also made an appearance.

Net worth:-

As of this year, the Taylor Misiak net worth is around 950K US Dollars. This is the net worth that the actress has earned from her many years of acting in films and TV shows. Other than this, she has also gained a substantial sum from her work in brand endorsements, TV advertisements and commercials.

Although Taylor Misiak has not revealed how much she actually earns in terms of salary, we have made a conservative estimate of it. An average salary of an actress is 40 dollars per hour making it 50Kper annum. So with a conservative estimate we would say, Taylor Misiak earns a yearly income of somewhere from50K to 60K US dollars.

Family Tree:-

There is not much known about the family of Taylor Misiak. Still, we have laid down all the family info about Taylor Misiak down below.

Father Name:-

The name of Taylor Misiak’s father is Dave Misiak.

Mother Name:-

The name of Taylor Misiak’s mother is Trina Misiak.


She only has one sibling; a brother named Darren Misiak.


She has no children yet.

Relationships & Affairs:-

Back in 2013, Taylor Misiak was dating an actor named Eric Wysocki. They both revealed their relationship back in April of 2014 via a photo on Taylor Misiak’s Instagram page. But since their breakup, Taylor has removed all of their pictures. Back in 2017, she acted in one of the videos her ex-boyfriend.

As of this year, Taylor Misiak is currently dating a writer slash director named Tony Yacenda.

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