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Teachers who are real comedians

Since teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world, it’s not surprising to learn that many of them take time out of their days specifically for antic in hijinks. A teacher with a good sense of humor isn’t just a bonus: It’s essential in keeping their sanity throughout the day. Imagine trying to teach a classroom full of students who are predisposed to boredom and not having any comic relief? Impossible.

These teachers have harnessed the power of a good joke, whether it be in the classroom, on a test, or deep inside the pages of a yearbook. Their jokes are corny and fantastic, and you’ll be wishing you had one of these kinds of teachers as a kid. Then again, maybe you did, and just didn’t appreciate their general hilariousness at the time.

Teacher who projects his face during exams

Teacher who finds your soul mate during a test

A teacher posted this on the board

History teacher’s desk with a Julius Caesar penholder

Teacher who changed the lock screen on a confiscated phone

This is straight-up ridiculous

Teacher covers the clock in their classroom

Teacher killed an ant in the copier on purpose and now it’s on all of the papers of the test

This teacher starts with a bad news and ends with a bad news

He asked the teacher for a pen

When your teacher is savage

This teacher really needed a ruler

How to study

Teacher thinks of a genius fundraiser – 1 dollar for a piece of tape


Science Teacher is a real comedian

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