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Tech companies with modest beginnings are now worth billions

Some of the tech companies that now rule the world of technology actually started with humble beginnings. Some of them ever started out in the garages. A few idealist guys working out of a garage has become the staple of these companies and their founders’ stories of their beginnings.

The Garage Beginning has become somewhat a necessary cliché for the story of the many successful tech companies. Today for our readers, we bring to you a few tech companies with modest beginnings that are now worth billions.


The founders of the world’s leading tech company Google was started by its founders named Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a Menlo Park garage that they rented back in 1998. This garage was the part of the house that was owned by a woman named Susan Wojcicki who is now head of the YouTube herself.

The woman charged these two ahead of times geniuses and now the world-renowned billionaires the garage at a rent of 1700 dollars per month.

This building is now owned by Google and was recreated by the company on its 20th anniversary back in 2018 and the fans can also explore the building on Google Maps.


Another leading world tech company known as Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniacki in the garage of a house located in Los Altos. This home also happened to be the childhood house of Steve Jobs.

Back in 2013, the Los Altos Historical Commission decided to designate this house as a historical site despite the fact that Wozniacki called the story of the company starting out in a garage a bit of a myth.

He said that this garage was the place where he and Steve Jobs often met to spend time and discuss their ideas but they never did any designs, any breadboarding, any prototyping or any planning of the products. We really did no manufacturing here.

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

It was nearly 80 years ago when two geniuses named Bill Hewlett and David Packard founded their baby HP in the garage of Packard located in Palo Alto. This place was designated as a historical site back in 1987 and the property was eventually bought by HP back in 2000 for a sum of 1.7 million dollars.

In that very garage, both of them developed their audio oscillator that ended up becoming their biggest product and was sold to Disney for their film titled Fantasia. This garage is often called the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley”.


The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and Paul Allen both worked from a garage located in Albuquerque in their early days but the Sundowner Motel was the place that served as their home base. It was this hotel where they wrote the version of the BASIC programming language.

Back in 2013, this hotel was redeveloped to be used as affordable housing.


As for the Amazon founded by Jeff Bezos, it started out in the garage of Bezos’ home located in Bellevue, Washington back in 1995. That home was rented at the time by him and his wife for a monthly rent of 980 dollars.

Bezos told the media that he had chosen that particular house because it also had a garage. So he could also brag to others about an origin like HP or any of the other top tech companies.

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