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The Funniest Protest Signs Ever

Protests happen every day and while we can all agree that they are necessary and often effective when promoting social change, they can be very intense and tiring.

Fortunately, some of the protesters decided to lighten the mood by carrying signs that are not that serious.

We have put together a list of the funniest protest signs that are sure to make you laugh.

Award for best protest sign goes to.

The sign spoke volumes

I came to take your job but…

Read the sign first

I hope Trump sees this

Yes please Stop It

Who isn’t at least he has the guts to say it out loud

Jesus Is Cool With It

Pornography Harms

Not quite angry enough to come up with an original slogan, though…

What the hell are they protesting?

A Transformers fan amidst the crowd

Let go the sign then

From which planet does she comes from?!

She is clearly feeling BLUE

Only if Hogwarts was real

This man is thirsty for attention

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