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The Hijab of A Female Football Player’s Slipped Off During The Game And The Opposing Team Players Came To Her Rescue

While nowadays it always seems that the sports events are all about being opposition and competition. There is still one other thing that is seen once or twice and that is the kindness of the players.

This team of female football players was able to win the hearts of people with their extraordinary act of kindness for which they put the game on hold and ran to their opposing team player to provide her space for fixing her Hijab. The video of this amazing act of human decency and sportsmanship has gone viral over the internet.

During a match of the female soccer club named Shabab al-Jordon Club, one of their payer’s Hijab slipped off and resulted in her hairs getting uncovered.


This display of the amazing kindness from players is getting immense praise which occurred during a match of the WAFF Women’s Club Championship played between the Shabab al-Ordon Club anthe d Arab Orthodox Club in Jordan. In-between the game, one of the female players stopped suddenly as her Hijab got slipped off of her head after she lost the ball to a player of the opposing team.

The female player’s teammates were not anywhere near her at that time. This prompted the players of other team to huddle up around her for giving her some privacy.


Instead of taking advantage of having the ball, the players from Shabab al-Ordon Club gathered around the distressed player and gave her a private space so she could fix her hair back into her Hijab. The game was halted for almost 30 seconds as the unnamed athlete fixed her hairs and returned to play again.

The game was halted for nearly 30 seconds as the player fixed her hairs back into her Hijab and then resumed playing.


Hijab are the head covering clothing article that is worn by Muslim women. Although in some countries it is required to be worn by each Muslim woman, in Jordan, the choice is of the individual.

Watch the amazing video of the moment which has went viral.

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