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The latest Galaxy S20 smartphones can record video in 8K

If there is one thing that the Samsung smartphones are known for, it is their outstanding camera features. This is why, when the news about the Galaxy S20 line of smartphones to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor was out, many of the smartphone aficionados suspected that one of the many new features in the Galaxy S20 smartphones would be the ability of the phone to record videos in 8K resolution.

And now all has been revealed to the world that the 3 new of the Galaxy S20 5G smartphones would indeed have the ability to record the video in high-quality 8K with brilliant colors.

Still, the Galaxy S20 smartphones are not going to be the first one to record 8K videos, because the honor for that is already in lap of a Chinese company named ZTE which introduced the 8K Smart STB smartphone back in 2019 in Shanghai. But what the new Galaxy S20 smartphones have the advantage is that they will have the latest Snapdragon processor chip.

Taking Still Photos from Recorded Videos:-

As per the info from Samsung, the videos recorded by the Galaxy S20 smartphones will be enhanced by the technology called Super Steady which offers the AI motion analysis as well as the anti-rolling stabilization. With these Galaxy S20 smartphones, users will have the ability to edit their recorded videos right on their device which was shown in the demo. Also, from the recorded video, they can also take a still photo of 32 megapixels.

Streaming Videos over Samsung TVs and uploading videos over YouTube:-

Users will then also have the ability to show these videos on their home or social media like YouTube. If a user owns the 2019’s or 2020’s Samsung QLED 8K TV, they will be able to stream the 8K videos directly their Galaxy S20 smartphone onto the aforementioned TV. Samsung has also partnered up with YouTube for the sake of allowing its users to upload their 8K videos directly over YouTube if the carrier is able to handle the bandwidth.

This 8K video recording feature is for the sake of luring the photographers to buy these new Galaxy S20 smartphones. There are also many other new features for taking still photos, which includes the ability for zooming in to 30 times on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and zooming in up to 100 times on Samsung S20 Ultra.

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