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These cakes look so realistic; it’s hard to believe you can eat

Cakes are revered as something that you simply cannot grow out off. This is why; couples do not usually go on cutting wedding pies or salad instead of the cakes.

With that being said, people all across the world love to experiment with decorations of the cakes and in doing so, they create cake masterpieces that can put any ordinary-looking cake to shame. When taking the first glance of these cakes, it is hard to believe that they are actually cakes or not, unless until you eat them.

Today we have collected a list of some of the most impressive and surprising cakes from across the planet for you to see.

So, scroll down to look at these cakes which look so realistic, it’s hard to believe you can eat them

A mother’s love…immortalized in a cake

mother’s love

Grandpa wanted the cake to be a reflection of himself


This is almost too beautiful to eat


If you were wondering just how big some castle cakes are compared to a person

castle cakes

We don’t think you can eat the flowers


Cake is truly a magical thing

magical thing

Fantasy has never been so delicious


Made for and given to Rita Ora at her album launch party!

Rita Ora

I love that they made sure to have the ribbon floating in the wind.

ribbon floating

True magic is in a piece of cake

piece of cake

Spam and sushi have never looked so good…talk about fusion food!

Spam and sushi

Clearly, everything is upside down in the cake kingdom

cake kingdom

The perfect cake for when your birthday lands on Thanksgiving.

perfect cake

Is it a pizza pie or a pizza cake?

pizza cake

The first time we’ve ever been okay with mimes


Bad dog or great cake?

great cake

Tefiti cake

Tefiti cake

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