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These icy photos prove that winter is not for the faint of heart

If you are planning only wrapping yourself in a blanket and wait for spring to come, then take a look at our compilation of photos today.

Who knows watching these photos you will want to give away your phone to a snowman, bake a cake in freezing weather or make a throne like Game of Thrones. What you need to know that all the things you see today can only be done in the below zero freezing temperatures.

So scroll down to look at these icy photos prove that winter is not for the faint of heart.

Your car wheel looks like this

car wheel

You won’t need a mascara for your eyes


You drive away but your car is still parked

drive away

You played snowballs for the first time and you will never forget it


You will develop your camouflage skills

camouflage skills

You open the trunk and this will happen


You will see art at a regular café

regular cafe

You will realize that −31ºC is not that cold at all


You design a modern snowman

modern snowman

Who knows you might find a perfect snowflake


You make this


The dough will just freeze like this


You will find a window in the attic as a picture


Things we see every day will look totally different

totally different

Even the traffic lights look forward to spring

traffic lights

The street will look like the ocean


You can make Game of Thrones using snowboards


You enjoy the snow

enjoy the snow

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