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These people are having fun with statues

Statues are erected in honor of someone or something or commemorating a special deed. These are our national heritage in essence that we should be proud of. However sometimes they are constructed in such hilarious deigns that it is impossible to resist the mischievous urge in our hearts to play with them by making hilarious poses.

This is what we present today. We have gathered a list of by passers who decided to have fun with the statues on streets. They posed in such hilarious ways that we are literally amazed their geniuses. In this picture some statues appear to be quite lecherous while some are true gentleman. Scroll down this list to see for yourself.

This just came in special; a crazy girl who sits on other people shoulders is on the loose

crazy girl

Stay back; I am fist

Stay back

These girls seem quite desperate


Lets tango baby

tango baby

Making that tush perfect

tush perfect

Are you ticklish now


Someone save me from this beast


You have been a bad girl

bad girl

No sir not the face… pleases!


So the Selfie came from Roman era

Roman era

A statue helps the traveler pick his nose


Right in the nuts


When you have to do a high five

high five

This statue is quite lecherous


What? I am just shaving armpits

shaving armpits

This time, traveler helps the statue


You won’t like a pissed Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

A band of merry go round hippies


Gimme back my hand

Gimme back my hand

Sorry pal didn’t see you there

Sorry pal

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