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These people can win a gold medal for their pumpkin carving skills

Every year, nearly 9 billion dollars are collectively spent on Halloween! But can this money bring on a celebratory mood? We don’t think so either. The most important thing about this holiday is creativity and the desire to make something different, whether it be with costumes, food, or pumpkin carving!

We have found 18 pumpkins that were carved with fantasy and accuracy in mind. Don’t miss our bonus at the end!

Well, it looks very friendly though!

friendly though

Tell me those are chocolate rats?

chocolate rats

After Halloween this should be outside the dentist’s office as an add


Nothing can go wrong with Iron Man

Iron Man

This pumpkin scares the crap out of me; I Love ‘It’

pumpkin scares

This face looks suspicious


Always an Inside job

Inside job

These eyes are to be drowned in whist staring


Cannibalism on a pumpkin level

pumpkin level

Weird friends


Is that Charles Bukowski?

Charles Bukowski

I’m going to need that guy’s pumpkin


Can you see Jinghis Khan and Orc in one?

Jinghis Khan

Lots of detail went into carving this one out


A pumpkin and watermelon hybrid


Bonus: less is more


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