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These People definitely come from other planets (Question is from which planets)

The word “weirdo” is used to describe people who behave strangely and make others feel uncomfortable due to their weird actions. More often than not, however, these people make us smile and cause us to ask ourselves, “How did they do this?”

We’ve had a good laugh looking at this collection of funny shots depicting people doing the most bizarre things. Now it’s your turn to giggle!

Man whose Chopstick handling skills are on God Level

Flexibility Level; Critical

How in the hell is this possible!

Camouflage guru

Breaking the ice. Literally.

Dog is afraid to stay at home alone

Trying to even out the tan

Mermen who need water and they will make a pool out of anything

When the movie is that boring

Free Hugs from alien of Planet HugALots

This is Livin; Winner of KFC Tattoo Competition

Beer cans make fine curler

His Favorite food is….Umm no need to spell it out

Giraffe Man spends weekend at beach

There is no rule that one cannot surf in winter or on an Ironing board

I am still trying to figure as to why is he wearing a pot on his head?!

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