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These people gave their tattoos a second chance and it was worth it

There are many factors that can ruin a tattoo like a bad artist or a bad idea. The people from this compilation decided to not get rid of their bad tattoos, but instead, give them a second chance. We have chosen the most interesting examples of tattoo transformations that might even inspire you to do something like this.

We invite you to take a look at the masterpieces that were made out of seemingly terrible and hopeless designs.

Shark Attack; second times the charm

Shark Attack

The Hero we need; Super Owl

Super Owl

Amazing difference


This turned into a superb owl


Now Hulk looks really mad at your choice of having a tattoo


A majestic Owl tattoo fix up

Owl tattoo

Some coloring and a little bit of background can make all the difference


Now it seems like a real starship battle

real star ship

This artist brought grandma back to life


Gloom to bloom

Gloom to bloom

The Warlock looks now a little bit more lively


Wolf tattoo fix

Wolf tattoo fix

Cleaned up the trash polka

trash polka

A nice creative touch


From puny kitty to King of Jungle

puny kitty

Beautifully executed


The difference is amazing


Autumn to spring


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