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These People Know Exactly As To What Being Unique Really Is

Humans come in different shapes and sizes and color but almost the majority of us look all the same. However, there are a small fraction of us humans that are totally unique when compared to other humans.

Same can be said for the people in our article today who know a thing or two about being different.

For our readers today we introduce you to these people know exactly as to what being unique really is.

This girl had her tendon of right hand thumb broken when she was a child. Since then she has never been able to bend it. Now it is wrinkle free.

This man has unique skin on his neck. The skin can stretch so much that he can suck on it without touching it with his hands.

Rare Genetics at work: he can push the knuckles of his hands back on his own

Rare Albinism: Don’t you agree?

A rare birth defect makes it seem as if the iris is dropping out of the eye

Whenever he feels cold, his fingers start to lose blood circulation in them making them appear pale

This awesome birthmark has made her truly unique; Feel like Rogue from X-Men

Is it normal to grow eyelashes all around your eye? Well for her it is

He has very flexible hands

A unique macro shot of unique eyes with blue and brown colors

Vitiligo only affected one side of this man’s face

She was born with syndactyly; a condition that causes the toes to be fused, in her case she has two toes of each feet fused together

His hairs started to turn gray at a very young age. He used to dye them back out of embarrassment but then he decided to embrace them: A wise decision indeed

Born with Natural Elf Ears

A rare genetic birth defect caused him to have only four fingers on his left hand

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