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These people sure know how to lose a bet with grace

Did you ever lose a bet? What did you have to do when you lost one? The heroes of our today’s article had to dye their hair in most bizarre colors, shave their beards; anything bizarre you can think of, they did it. However, it seems the winner of these bets had a sick sense of humor.

Today we also want to make a bet with you all and it is that you will definitely like this collection of photos.

So scroll down to look at these people who sure know how to lose a bet with grace.

A rehab worker made a bet with a patient that he would shave his beard if they could get him to reach a certain goal. Today, the patient did it. Tomorrow he gets ‘the worker’ baby smooth.

rehab worker

The grandson told grandma, jokingly, that he wants 100 things from the dollar store for Christmas. Grandma doesn’t like being challenged


This 86-year-old man challenged a young man to a pole-dancing contest while at happy hour. He won.

young man

The result of doing the $5 challenge (save all $5 notes) for a year. I’ve collected 104 banknotes

$5 challenge

A Swedish principal made a bet with a student: if the student could make it through the 9th grade, the principal would dye his hairs pink. Last week the 61-year-old principal delivered!

Swedish principal

I won a bet against my boss nearly a year ago. I came to work to see that he finally paid me…in pennies.


I lost a bet and had to go through airport security dressed as a dinosaur. They said I looked cute


Friends made a small bet and as a punishment, the loser had to stand with her new mannequin family for 3 hours. An employee asked them to leave after an hour


A friend made a bet that he could fit an entire box of straws in his mouth…and he did not disappoint

box of straws

There was a bet that no one can balance a cue ball on 3 pool cues. Nobody played pool the rest of the night


This student had a bet with his history teacher. He lost

history teacher

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