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These people thought they were having a great day but life said, ‘wait one sec’

Almost all of us have those days when it seems that this world just does not like our presence and prepares to pounce its sharp claws at us. For these kinds of days, you should ember to follow these two rules.

1; do not buy lottery tickets

2; remember that everything is going to be alright

Today we have collected photos of people from all around the world whose shoes you definitely don’t want to be in.

So scroll down to look at these people who thought they were having a great day but life said, ‘wait one sec’.

Elephant said ‘Lets rest on this comfortable car’, before making a  pancake out of this car


I guess I am walking to work today


When a crow steals your money and doesn’t want to exchange it for bananas; trust me this happens


When you come back to eat the eggs you definitely thought had been boiling for long enough by now


My girlfriend wanted to get me numbered candles for my 22nd birthday tomorrow

22nd birthday

Anyone can figure out what happened here.


Never trust your barber when he says, “I know what you want”


Guess which one I put into my huge cup of coffee?


When your card is still in the ATM and suddenly BAM!!!! This happens


When you forgot to check the weather forecast

weather forecast

Halloween 1989, Girl behind is about to have a really bad day


‘When in Rome’ photo


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