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These people totally nailed Christmas gifts

Christmas is definitely the best time to get cozy, spend time with your friends and family, and show them as to how much you love them. However with the passing of time, only talking on the long evenings and eating a Christmas dinner has become boring routines. Therefore, some geniuses decided to make them things a little livelier. They tried to spice things up by giving out unexpected gifts at Christmas.

Today we have collected a few hilarious Christmas Gifts that people have received from their loved ones and this will also give you an idea to troll someone this Christmas.

So scroll down to look at his list of people who totally nailed Christmas gifts.



Gave his dad a blanket with his face on it. Why? Because he had always wanted to give someone a blanket with his face on it


Ask me about my T-Rex! No… really… ask me!!!!”


This brother never fails to disappoint with his personalized Christmas gifts; this year he made a calendar

Christmas gifts

Nephew’s Christmas list mentioned that he liked Nicholas Cage


Secret Santa gift from co-worker today. He was supposed to keep it under $20 but this is absolutely priceless

Secret Santa

He once mentioned to his friends that squirrels are his favorite animal. He has been receiving squirrel related gifts every Christmas since then


Got his girlfriend a 3-carat ring for Christmas. She was not happy

carat ring

Special gift wrapping paper

wrapping paper

When you tell your friends you like Sudoku


Fish tank made from an acoustic guitar

acoustic guitar

This dad is going to be pretty bummed out when he figures out these are socks wrapped different ways

socks wrapped

Finally got a Google glass

Google glass

Lottery scratch tickets make good last-minute Christmas gifts


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