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These tattoos have a deep meaning to the people who got them

We normally see people all around us with tattoos on their body. However, it is also a fact that we normally are not aware of the actual story behind these pieces of art that one has carved on their skin. Each person has a unique story behind each tattoo on their body. Some of these stories are actually so deep that they will make you appreciate their artwork even more.

Today we have found some of the most emotional tattoos on the internet that will make you shed a tear after hearing the story behind them.

So scroll down to look at these tattoos have a deep meaning to the people who got them.

Forever holding hands

holding hands

This grandma celebrates her survival from cancer by getting this tattoo


This elderly person was in the Holocaust and he had never met someone with the same tattoo as him until recently. KL stands for Konzentratzion Lager or Concentration Camp


When her daughter started questioning her birthmark, dad got a tattoo of it on his arm


Forever in love

Forever in love

For my 18th birthday I got a tattoo of my dad’s laugh on my arm, he passed 3 years ago


Mothers tattoo and her daughter’s birthmark

Mothers tattoo

Shot heroin for 12 years. Today I am 4 years clean

Shot heroin

After dealing with depression for years, I got a tattoo to represent my battle


This married couple got tattoos of a diagram depicting the position of the planets as they were the exact moment when they were married

married couple

Admirable cancer survivor’s tattoo

cancer survivor tattoo

A reminder to always offer a helping hand to those who need it


One hash for every year that I’ve been clean and sober

clean and sober

My dad’s last 3 heartbeats


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