Things that should not be in your checked luggage

Two of the most boring and sad parts about travelling or a vacation or a business trip is packing and returning back. Packing might be boring but it certainly demands a careful planning especially if you are taking a flight to your travel destination. If you plan on to check your travel luggage then you must be aware of the things that should not be in your checked luggage. For our readers today we have listed some of the things that you should avoid placing in your checked luggage. They are as follows.

Nail polish

This one’s for the ladies try to avoid putting any kind of cosmetic material and especially the nail polishes. TSA agents while checking your bag literally treat it like a garage bag and your valuables often get broken. Keeping a glass bottle of nail polish can turn out to be disastrous. The nail polish can not only ruin your belongings but also the important documents that you might keep in your luggage.

Nail polish


Identification documents like visa, passport, ID cards or even driver licensee must always be carried inside a carry on instead of check in luggage. Reason you ask, because while on any travel you might need to get a hold of your Identification more than once and if they are in your check in luggage it’s going to be a lot of panic and stress time for you.


Your wedding ring and other valuable jewelry

Not keeping your wedding ring or other valuable jewelry inside checked in luggage is common sense but it still is an important matte to address this issue. For those who might one day decide to place their valuables in checked in luggage while travelling, be aware sometimes checked in luggage gets lost by airlines and there is always  chance that you will never see your bag. To make the matter worse if airline could not find your luggage they have a rule of not paying more than 3300 dollars as ramification for lost bag, so be vigilant to keep these valuables in your carry on.

wedding ring

Cash or other currency

Cash and Currency like other valuables must not be in checked in luggage as this luggage pass through various hands before finally arriving back to you. There will be always a chance that you will not be able to get your money. One report from CNN sowed secret videos of Baggage Handlers going through passenger luggage and stealing items. This might not be typical but certainly there is some possibility of that too.


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