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This tattoo artist creates optical illusions to show a world underneath the skin

Just when we thought surrealism was an old painting method, artist Jesse Rix revolutionized the tattooing industry with his magnificent optical illusions that look like they’re from out of this world. His tattoos are so realistic that they make the skin look like a thin barrier covering an entire hidden universe.

Today we decided to share with you some of his spectacular works that can astonish even those who dislike tattoos. He uses hexagons and cubes to reveal a magical world.

So scroll down to look at the amazing work of this tattoo artist who creates optical illusions to show a world underneath the skin.

I’d like to get some creativity off my chest


Looks like he found the button to move the whole universe shift


An arm breaking up into hexagons and revealing the galaxy underneath


Full sleeve art; mix of galactic and scientific magic

sleeve art

Looks like the queen bee is making the break for it from the beehive

queen bee

Sentimental tattoo based on a painting by the client’s grandparent

Sentimental tattoo

Stunning landscape tattoo for those who love fall and Halloween


This person wanted a tattoo to remind him of the great times he spent working at NASA


A beautiful face emerging from space

face emerging

A spaceship breaking through the skin wall coming toward us


The Big Bang

Big Bang

A small window to his soul

small window

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