Tik Tok creator named ByteDance plans to launch rival of Spotify soon

The creators behind the famous app named Tik Tok; ByteDance has reportedly leased an announcement that they are currently working behind a streaming music service.

Form an anonymous source of the company, ByteDance will launch a music streaming service which would be similar in the paid subscription as the already famed Apple Music and Spotify.

However, according to the source, instead of rolling it out on a wide scale, the company plans to roll this service out in the fall in only emerging markets.

At the moment, Spotify is the leader of all the music streaming services with its 217 million monthly users and its 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Still, despite being a  major player in European and American region, Spotify’s subscriber form Asian, African and Middle Eastern region only amount to 10 percent of their total subscribers.

As for ByteDance, they have already plans to dominate the Asian market for music streaming with them already finalizing deals with two of the largest Indian music labels named Times Music and T-Series.

For those of you to whom T-Series sound familiar, it is because it’s the same label whose YouTube channel was in subscriber competition with the world renowned internet celebrity PewDiePie for becoming the most subscribed channel in the world.

As for ByteDance’s Tik Tok app and its other Chinese version named Douyin; they are both extremely popular apps currently on the Google Play Store with nearly 500 million downloads. With the popularity of its various app, ByteDance seems to be clearly interested in branching its influence into other areas of tech to take advantage of cross marketing.

One of their ways to enlarge their influence was by them launching a messaging app by the name “Flipchat” earlier this week.

With Tik Tok, ByteDance already has sufficient influence in the music industry which is all thanks to its users’ lip-sync videos and short clips that made the app quite popular.

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