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TikTok removed nearly 2 dozen accounts on ISIS propaganda

As per the reports of the media, the propagandists of Islamic State aka ISIS are trying to exploit the famed social media app Tik Tok by using it as their recruiting tool. The news was reported by The Wall Street Journal after an agency that monitors social media identified nearly 2 dozens such accounts that were related to ISIS. Since they were found out by the aforementioned agency named Storyful, these accounts have been removed from Tik Tok.

These accounts had posted several videos that had the purpose of recruiting followers as well as to bolster up the support for this notorious terrorist group. These video posts featured anthems as well as footage of corpses alongside ISIS fighters.

It is still not clear as to how much of an influence does ISIS currently has on Tik Tok. Recently the terrorist propaganda has become one of the big problems for nearly all platforms of social media.

Major companies such as Google and Facebook have shared a wide range of databases for the imagery of the terrorist content and when something like this detected, it gets removed automatically. Facebook shared that back in September of 2018, the company removed nearly 26 million content pieces that were of terrorist propaganda and had been working for the past 2 years.


As or the parent company of Tik Tok named ByteDance, they are still to comment on this and answer questions like how much terrorist content has been found on Tik Tok and which of it has been taken down.

The accounts that were monitored and identified by Storyful were also really small in their following. One of the videos on such accounts got 68 likes and most any account had followers were only 1000. Still, it is not made clear by Storyful as to if this is the typical rate of popularity for an account or not.

Videos shared over Tik Tok are circulated all across the world due to the recommendation algorithm of the social media app. In this particular case, it is still not clear if the very same algorithm is to be held responsible for promoting this ISIS content or not. The only thing known is that this account was indeed present on this massively famed and sued social media platform.

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