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Times Designers Amazed Us with Their Inventions

Being a designer requires one to have special talent and a sense of creativeness along with having millions of ideas roaming around your head all day long. While none of us can make a considerable difference in the designing world, these following people have certainly tried their hands at it/. At to tell you the truth these designs are something pretty great for a normal person to think of.

Scroll down to look for yourself at some of these designers who have amazed us with their creative inventions.

From the stuff animal taxidermy trophies to a wrist watch that literally tells you the time itself, you are going to be amazed at their creative designer inventions.

These door signs at a local donut shop


When you want to have some animal trophies above your fireplace but love animals too much


This is one of the best ideas that I have ever seen in my life; water won’t go to waste


One of a kind basket table


This alien like building in middle of Chicago


A creative Stop Sign

Stop Sign

Bottles by cinema at the premier of Ant Man and the Wasp


Creative bar code design for this Pasta product


Hologram lamp

Hologram lamp

Mickey Mouse for a true Disney fan

3D printed prosthesis limbs


Admit this Antique Lock look hella cool


An ashtray you simply won’t miss


I think it was an ice cube tray; turns out it was a cool looking Keyboard

ice cube

Bike racks at the ballfield


A watch that literally tells time to letter


Sunburn art

Sunburn art

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