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To Mark The 30th Anniversary Of The Brandenburg Gate’s Fall 120,000 Ribbons Art installation titled “Visions In Motion’ Hover Near it

During the difficult times when there are walls popping up here and there across the world and separating people, there are also times where the world is reminded about the walls there were torn down by the people to be reunited with their loved ones.

Back on November 9th, Berlin celebrated in the city the 30-year anniversary for the peaceful revolution that resulted in the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The highlight of this Brandenburg Gate Fall anniversary was the colorful installation from Patrick Shearn and his team called Poetic Kinetics as they installed the 120000 multiple colored ribbons.

Berlin hosted for the 30th anniversary of the Fall of Berlin Wall with amazing open-air art.


The team behind this colorful ribbon installation is called Poetic Kinetics which is a team of fabrication and design. They work to create a mesmerizing art form.  This group brought together art in a unique and unexpected way to create larger than life experience for the audience. This group is renowned for its gigantic installations such as the Solar Sunflowers, Caterpillar’s Longing, and the Escape Velocity.


Patrick Shearn with his team was approached by Kulturprojekte Berlin for creating the moving sculptor in order to symbolize the unification of Germans. This art installation which was titled “Visions in Motion” was set up near the Brandenburg gate located in Berlin.

The art form titled Visions in Motion made use of more than 120000 colorful fabric ribbons which had greetings, hopes, and wishes written over them.


This symbol of German Unity came in the shape of these 120000 reflective fabric streamers and ripstop nylon. A quarter of these colorful fabrics had on them messages, wishes, memories, and hopes handwritten on them from German people and also the global community.


In order to install this art installation, a rope of 9500 feet was used that had on it nearly 1250 knots. This artwork swayed in the air majestically as it created an immersive and colorful wave. A strong gust of wind allowed for the wave of colorful fabrics to be brought down and engulf the passing crowd.

‘Visions in Motion’ is the art for symbolizing the United of Germany and its people.


He Visions in motion was only one part of the big event in Germany called Berlin Festival Week. The festival took place from November 4th to November 10th. During this festival, visitors indulged themselves in numerous events, exhibitions, and activities which were all spread across Berlin’s historical locations for commemorating this 30th anniversary for the Peaceful Revolution as well as the fall of Berlin Wall.

A video for the Visions in Motion art installation released by the Poetic Kinetic is as follows.

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