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Toddler Buddies Hug As If They Are Meeting After Many Years But It Actually Had Been Only 2 Days

Friendship is one of the spot beautiful relationships in the world which we actually make yourself instead of being born into. A friend is someone you cherish your time with and can say things you would not normally say to even your loved ones.

However, in this modern age, time is something that none of us could afford to spend leisure around. When was the last time you had the chance of meeting up with your best bud? The modern life has made it difficult for us to even think about the people that we call friends. Sometimes a year passes by without seeing that best friend even when you think it had only been a few weeks that you last met with them.

Talking about feelings of friendship, children have the most honest feelings as they do what their hearts ask them to do. Talking this same case we came upon a video of the two best friends who when seeing each other run towards each other. The thing that made this video so beautiful was that the love of friendship was between 2 two years old kids. We warn you that your heart is going to melt like ie cream in summer heat once you see this video.

This is the video which shows the two best friends seeing each other and running to hug each other. This video so far has been seen by millions of times and is capturing the attention of everyone on the internet.

This cute video was shared by the father named Michael Cisneros, of one of the kids named Maxwell. Maxwell is friends with Finnegan and both of them cannot even seem to live apart from each other for even 2 days. They actually thought that the 2 days was a much longer time for two BFFs to spend without each other.

Cisneros said to media that these boys are inseparable and they have known each other for only 1 year.

Cisneros said, “When they are both away from each other, both of them ask about the other. They both attend the same music class called Dana Banana, which is a weekly musical event. They both love to dance and are excellent dancers.

Doesn’t seeing this video makes you want to call up your friends and make plans with them to meet up and catch up on life? Well, it sure made us do so.

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