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Portuguese Street artists creates amazing pieces of 3D Graffiti art

When talking about the Graffiti art you will come to realize that it has let go of its old stigmas. The once rogue form of art has now been accepted as a traditional form of art genre into modern art world. When you take a look at the 3D graffiti art of the Portuguese artist Sergio Odeith you will realize as to why it is so.

This Portuguese artist started his career of Graffiti art back in the 90’s the art was still new in the country and was still under its growing stage. Like any other graffiti artist he started doing his art work on subway stations or walls around the city. Later he moved to create big murals around the cities.

Odeith at that time came to realize his talent in a new style of graffiti art that he refers t as “somber 3D”. This obscure style has now become his signature style that has grown and evolved under years of practice.

Sombre 3D is a technique that makes use of angles, lines and shadows and combines them into something marvelous with a life like effect. For the first time he gained prominence and fame for his life like art work back in 2005 on international level.

His anamorphic artworks seem to be something that crawled out straight from some horror novel. For example one of his artwork seems like a large spider crawling out of wall to attack the nearby passers.

Although it is not surprising considering his art, but still he has been contacted by US cites like LA, Baton Rouge, Charleston and Lexington to draw 3D mural designs across the ponds. Most recently this Lisbon based muralist has also been contracted by major companies like Coca Cola, Shell and Samsung for designing their pieces.

Scroll down for this amazing 3D art work which is called “Sombre 3D”. Caution note it is not for the faint of heart so watch at your own discretion.


before after












small spider














insect moster


wall paint


paint in wall




befor and after


wall text


swimming pool

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