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Tourists whose vacation photos did not go as they hoped for

Who here does not likes to go on vacation and when on vacation hat is the most cliché thing that everybody does? Yes! It is taking photos of yourself at nearly every step of the way. The age of technology has helped us to preseve3 or most cherished moments on to films of papers and now on our digital devices.

While normally these photos go as we planned but we are all guilty of one particular thing and that is the sin of taking cliché tourist photos of the things like Leaning Tower of Pisa or to Hold Statue of Liberty on to our hands or the most clichéd of all Kissing the Great Sphinx of Giza.

However sometime these pictures do not go as well as we hoped them to be.  In fact these photos are a total disaster and once these mishaps of photos find their way on to internet there is now no mercy from the barrage of insults from all across the world.

While most of us are ashamed to post these failed vacation photos, our today’s list contains some brave people who decided to share their fail of vacation photos.

Scroll down to look for yourself at the Tourists whose vacation photos did not go as they hoped for.

When everyone licks tower of Giza and you decide to give the Cyprus Tree a shot

Cyprus Tree

Dolphins are not that friendly; photographic evidence


When you ask a Stranger to take your photograph and he does not give a Sh*t


Forgot to hold on to the right accessory

right accessory

Friendly advice if you’re going to have your picture taken in front of a green screen: don’t wear green!

Friendly family

Strong wind ruining your hairdo is the price to pay for a shot in the mountains

wind ruining

When you try to look like the Kardashians on vacation but your boyfriend is a shitty photographer


Eiffel Tower is so photographic that it gets auto focused

Eiffel Towe

This was supposed to be a picture of the Statue of Liberty. They even climbed up the curb for a good shot!


Slide of emotions

Slide of emotions

Everyone has their fair share of Finger Photos

Finger Photos

When on a safari tour, beware of emus

safari tour

When feeding animals, make sure you have enough food for everyone…

feeding animals

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