Travel destinations for adventurers

What is a vacation with not a hint of adventure? Adventure is not only good for jolting that body and mind of yours but also refreshes you to very soul. There are several of the amazing travel destinations around the globe especially for those adventure lovers. If you do not have an idea as to where to go, do not worry we have gathered a list of these spectacular adventure filled places for you.

Sky Diving in New Zealand

New Zealand is truly a marvel of nature that presents snow capped mountains that house some of the most beautiful lakes in the world as well as the azure colored waters with white sandy coastal beaches. Many of the famous tour companies offer the Skydiving excursions for tourists and when one glides through the beautiful scenery they certainly feel not only the mesmerizing beauty but also the thrill of a lifetime. One of the famous locations for skydiving is offered at the Tapou Bay.

Sky Diving

Sea kayaking in British Columbia

Johnstone Strait off the coast of Vancouver Island located in British Columbia offers adventures with Sea Kayaking experience. What is the adventure part you say; this coastal area contains the largest population of orcas and the thrill of seeing these magnificent creatures while kayaking can hype up your adrenaline levels. This trip can truly become once in a lifetime adventure for any adventure loving travel aficionado. Kayaking is not the only option you can also go for deep sea fishing and can feast on it under the starry sky.

Sea kayaking

Camel trekking and paddling through Mongolia

For those who have spent their time with various adventurous vacation around the globe this trip is definitely for you. This is actually a two part trip in the heart of the famous Mongolia. First you can enjoy the oat paddling trip in the clear waters of the lake Hovsgol which is also nicknamed as Dark blue Pearl of Mongolia. After that you can plan the camel ride through the infamous Gobi desert. The excursion can be made memorable by spending the night under the starry sky while lying outside near burning fire wood.

Camel trekking

Saltwater fishing in Seychelles

Seychelles is a tiny African nation and reaching there is an adventure in its own self. Once you get there you will have the time of your life with its special attraction the saltwater fishing excursion. The main fishing game here is of the Bonefish. The bonefish population in the St. Francois Lagoon of Seychelles is highest tan anywhere in the world. Eager to go there for time of your life, just get on your computer and search for a tour company. Many companies plan these trips for very little amount.

Saltwater fishing

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