Travel hacks to travel smart

Travelling might be fun but to make preparations before the trip and the problem facing during the trip can become a lot of trouble for anyone. While there are hundreds of things to check on when planning travelling there are some common things that can be used to make your trip easier. Some of the hacks that can make your travel smarter are as follows.

Book smart

First step while preparing for travelling is the booking a flight. If you want to avail the cheapest flights then you must do it on Tuesdays. There is common saying that on Tuesdays airline business is slow hen compared to Fridays and weekends. Due to spare seats you will get cheaper rates. One other point to save money on travelling is when browsing through travel websites, always do an incognito search. These websites keep record of your searches from your cookies and will charge you more for fares when you visit them next time.

Book smart

Pack like a pro

Packing is an art form but you only need to get a hang of this and your packing will always be efficient, easier and faster. These packing hacks can help you a lot.

  • Pack heaviest item first and place them at the bottom
  • Power cords can be placed in sunglasses cases
  • Instead of folding, roll your clothes when placing in suitcase. This will free up quite a space
  • For ladies, stack your bras over one another and fold them in half
  • Pack like a pro

Do your research

This is the age of technology no you d not have t depend on the travel guides of ravel companies. Thousands of travel websites and travel blogs will give you not only any if ration about your desired travel destination but will provide the real time visual view of the place as well. Social media sites can easily allow you to check if any of your friends have already visited the certain place or not.


Stay money-wise

You can never be too sure about money as you can run out of it anytime in a foreign country. Once you are out of cash you have to go to ATM and now you will have to pay for enormous conversion charges. To avoid that you can simply make use of MasterCredit Cash Passport which keeps all of your money secure in your pocket as a portable safe. It can hold up to 10 different currencies and is accessible at 37 million locations worldwide. On a plus side it has no link with your bank account.


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