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Tricks which restaurants use to make guests spend more money

Visiting a restaurant or a café is a pleasant way to spend your time. That’s why while being relaxed we don’t even think about the fact that the owner of the restaurant could be using special tricks to make us spend more money. There are people who keep checking their bills for the presence of dishes they didn’t order but this trick is not used that often by restaurants anymore. All because they try to think up new and slyer ways to cheat their clients and get more profit.

We have found out about some tricky ploys the catering world uses in order to save money on dishes and make patrons spend more.

So scroll down to look for yourself at some of these Tricks which restaurants use to make guests spend more money. So next time you visit a fancy restaurant, keep a look out for these tricks.

Saving money on fresh fruit

fresh fruit

Bartenders often save their funds on fruits For example, in order to make a drink with freshly squeezed juice, they need 3 oranges. Sometimes they lack 50 ml to make a full portion, so instead of using extra fruits, they pour the missing amount from a packed orange juice, thus, saving their time.

Tricky dish arrangements

Tricky dish

According to research done at Bournemouth University, restaurants and cafés get additional monthly profit thanks to the number of dishes they have and their arrangement on the menu. For example, clients choose dishes that are located in the middle of the menu page more often. That’s why the owners of the catering businesses indicate expensive, more profitable dishes in this space.

Saving money on expensive products

expensive products

Most often patrons get the minimum amount of expensive ingredients in their dishes but indicate their presence on the menu. For example, berries, seeds, nuts or truffles can be very appealing to see on the menu. It’s necessary to create the notion that they are there on the plate (even if there’s just one single berry) to leave the client feeling pleased.

Unusual names for dishes


Restaurant owners know that tricks pertaining to names of dishes work well on visitors. For example, a usual perch fillet will unlikely get a strong interest among visitors, while they’ll definitely be more inclined to try a fillet of Chilean sea bass. A “chocolate cake” sounds quite trivial, while a “cake with the Belgian chocolate” is way more appealing.

Fish Monday

Fish Monday

Most restaurants order fresh fish on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That’s why very often fish becomes the dish of the day on Mondays because they need to sell it before it expires. The reason for arranging various deals and profitable offers are the same. Very often those dishes are cooked ahead of other products based on their impending expiration date.

Free snacks

Free snacks

It’s always nice when a waiter brings complimentary snacks before making an order. Olives, crackers or chips are not a kind gesture of the owner as many people might think. The real reason for such complimentary snacks is to make a visitor feel thirsty due to the high amount of salt in those snacks. After eating several salty snacks, clients will order more drinks and bring a big profit to the owner of the café.

2 portion sizes

2 portion sizes

Sometimes you can see the same dish on the menu available in 2 options: a big portion and a small one. This strategy is called bracketing. A client initially has no idea what a mini portion is like and thinks that a smaller portion has a more profitable price and will spend less money by ordering it. In fact, a restaurant always sells a smaller portion for an increased price saving funds on the number of products used. Eventually, in terms of grams, a larger portion is more profitable for the patron.

Muffled light

Muffled light

Lighting can influence the speed at which people eat. Expensive restaurants usually prefer soft lighting in their halls so that their visitors can relax. They will likely spend more time in the restaurant with such a calm environment and will spend more money which is very important for the owners.

Friendly waiters

Friendly waiters

Any restaurant owner thinks that a good waiter should be a good seller too. That’s why they say jokes, make compliments and recommend the best dishes from the menu. Clients start to trust them, they agree on special offers and even opt for dessert after a heavy dinner. Thanks to such friendly employees, visitors spend more time in restaurants and leave good tips.

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